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Winning Omnichannel Asia 2021 - Module 2



Winning Omnichannel Asia 2021 - Module 2

Module 2 – Riding the Waves of eCommerce

In Module 1 of our Retail & Shopper Insights series, we examined the channel landscape in the region, identifying the drivers of growth and the diverse strategy required of brands and retailers across the region - simply because we cannot average Asia.

In this module, we deep-dive into the stages of eCommerce development across the region and how understanding occasions along these different stages along with search and entertainment needs are important in helping us sharpen our online growth strategy. We will also provide examples of key initiatives to drive growth to inspire brands and retailers to act on the next opportunity for shopper growth.

Driving incremental growth is key and insights reveal that highly penetrated categories online exhibit a strong overlap with other offline channels. It will be important to understand how the right portfolio and promotional mix that will best bring incrementality is critical both to manufacturers and retailers.

Our key partner experts across both key manufacturers (Nestle & Reckitt Benckiser) and retailers (Dairy Farm Group & Lazada) continues to provide insight and food for thought into this eCommerce module.

The question remains, how do we make it easy for shoppers to shop online to drive wider reach & recruitment, and more importantly how do we continue to ensure that eCommerce brings incremental growth to our business?

Stay with us to embark on this journey to unlock key opportunities and pockets of growth via our Omnichannel Asia series.

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