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Brand Footprint 2022



Brand Footprint 2022

Ten years ago, we launched our first edition of Brand Footprint and it’s safe to say that this has been a decade like no other for consumer brands. In this special tenth edition, we have analysed ten years of shopper behaviour to identify the biggest changes whilst also unearthing key consistencies to help brands secure their future in our changing world.

From the outbreak of COVID-19 to digitalisation of shopper habits, there has been a lot of change in the FMCG industry landscape. And with spiralling inflation and a war at the heart of Europe, upheaval and unrest shows little signs of slowing.

Despite this, the biggest brands have remained resilient. For brands at both a local and global level, this is an opportunity to take stock, and review the last decade and take our learnings forward.

This is why, in this edition of Brand Footprint, you will find the usual detailed findings of brand success and shopper habits, as you may have come to expect. You will also, however, gain exclusive access to additional data and analysis covering the past ten years of FMCG progress.

You will discover the huge role that population growth has played in the industry, as the number of households globally has grown by 17%. This amounts to an increase of 180 million households. This means that brands are having to work harder than ever to maintain even constant levels of brand penetration against this expansion.

You will also find that, on average, 25 of the Top 50 global brands have grown on a yearly basis – but just a handful have grown consistently over the decade.

It’s not all about change, though: we showcase some consistencies across ten years of data – namely that the average household buys a portfolio of 55 FMCG brands in a year. We also share how growing brands achieve success.

For those unfamiliar with this report, we use a unique metric: the Consumer Reach Point (CRP). This measure combines population, penetration, and consumer choice, meaning we’re able to see how many times shoppers have chosen any given brand.

From there, we can rank the most successful brands across markets, giving you a micro and macro view of brand success. All the global, regional, and local market rankings will be available on our dedicated microsite, giving you easy access to the data you need, so you can review your performance across markets and against competitors.

This year, as much as every other year, I would like to thank our partners: Europanel, GfK, IRI, Intage and CTR. Their support makes this report possible and, vitally, it allows us to reach an unmatched depth and scale to make these findings truly stand out.

Brand Footprint is the undisputed guide to finding success in the FMCG market, uncovering key, actionable insights to power your strategy and drive brand growth. So, read on to find out who the top-performing brands are, and what they have done consistently to achieve growth.


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