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The latest China Beauty Brand Footprint is out !



The latest China Beauty Brand Footprint is out !

Kantar Worldpanel released the latest trend report of beauty market. The report revealed that the beauty market had suffered a significant decline during the pandemic, but quickly returned to the recovery path, backed by many brands actively engaging with consumers in search of new growth opportunities. They are making efforts to address the emerging consumer needs through continuous innovation, as well as leveraging different media touchpoints to effectively reach and communicate with their target audience.

China Beauty Brand Footprint was also published by Kantar Worldpanel, ranking the best performing beauty brands in two dimensions: fastest growing power brands and fastest emerging brands. The rankings were generated by using the CRP metrics (Consumer Reach Point), which is a consumer index that combines the number of buyers each brand obtained in one year with the average number of times that the brand was purchased by each buyer. China Beauty Market Brand Ranking presented a clear picture of consumers’ actual choice, and helped brands decode potential growth opportunities in this challenging market.

1.  Fastest growing power brands

Kantar Worldpanel selected the fastest growing power brands based on the size and the incrementality in CRP. Many leading international brands made it to the list by consolidating their key competitiveness and market position with signature ingredient and recipe. For example, Estee Lauder launched the seventh generation of Advanced Night Repair, which renewed consumer perception and experience of the iconic product.  Also noteworthy are Chinese brands that focused on building expertise through high-efficiency products like ‘Little Red Scorpion’ anti-aging essence launched by Marubi to meet the consumers' advanced skin care needs. In addition, smart mix of multiple touchpoints become an increasingly important driver for the continuous expansion of big brands. Winona, ranking the first in CRP incremental among the top skincare brands, leveraged the popularity of Tik Tok platform and variety show IP, to actively attract fans through tailored-designed IP content delivery and livestreaming events.

Kantar Worldpanel summarized three key drivers behind the fastest growing power brands:

  • Leverage and expand key competitiveness: enhance core products to meet upgraded needs
  • Focus on high-efficiency care: continuously strengthen R&D capability, deliver high functionality
  • Utilize innovative touchpoint: creatively develop different touchpoints to communicate and engage.

2021 China Beauty Brand Footprint: Fastest growing power brands


© 2021 CTR Co.Ltd                                         Source: Kantar Worldpanel Beauty, 2021           

Fastest growing power brands criteria: Ranking by absolute increase in CRP in 2020 among the Top 50 CRP brands from 2019.

Skin Care definition: facial care and eye care, exclude hand & body, lip balm. Make up definition: face, eye, lip exclude lip balm, nail.


2. Fastest emerging brands

Despite of the overall market slowdown in 2020, there were still many brands bringing new momentum to beauty market. Geoskincare quickly gain popularity on the back of their offer in two relatively smaller segments – makeup base and non-tissue mask. Its image as experts in these two segments was carefully fostered from the early stage of brand development, and it quickly became the top-of-mind choice for many consumers for those segments. Sharper targeting specific to one consumer segment is also an effective way to kick-off growth. My Little Ondine and Colorkey have been devoted to building strong and fashionable brand personality and designing creative makeup look, much coveted by young consumers actively looking for new ways to express their individuality.

2020 China Beauty Brand Footprint: Fastest emerging brands


© 2021 CTR Co.Ltd                                         Source: Kantar Worldpanel Beauty, 2021   

Fastest emerging Brands criteria: Ranking by absolute increase in CRP in 2020 vs 2019.

Skin Care definition: facial care and eye care, exclude hand & body, lip balm. Make up definition: face, eye, lip exclude lip balm, nail.       

Recovering beauty market brings new development opportunities to both existing/ dominant brands and new/ niche brands.  Kantar Worldpanel identifies the following three factors to best capture these opportunities to achieve vibrant growth, Kantar Worldpanel identified three key factors:

  • Expertise building anchored on a leading product in the chosen field
  • Right content and product tailored to a clearly-defined target consumer group
  • Memorable and trend-leading image to resonate the evolving consumer needs


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