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FMCG Monitor: Q3 2022



FMCG Monitor: Q3 2022

Kantar's FMCG Monitor presents an overview on the Philippine economic situation and a deep dive on how the Philippine FMCG landscape is performing in the recent quarter. The report includes a snapshot of FMCG performance across key regions, SECs, channels and retailers in the Philippines. 

Key Highlights:

ECONOMIC SITUATIONConsumer confidence in the economy declines as inflationary pressure heightens. However, the decrease of unemployment rate meant more jobs are now available to Filipinos as workplaces reopens for Q3. 

SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR: While spending remains to be higher versus year ago, shoppers are recently maintaining their spending for Total FMCG as they adapt to inflationary pressure. This is driven by middle to lower income homes and less-developed regions with spending focused mostly on Food and Home Care.

CHANNEL LANDSCAPE: Shoppers are deeming direct sales and groceries as additional channel options as it offers cash outlay and more product choices for the buyers.

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