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New report out: Winning food & drink occasions OOH



New report out: Winning food & drink occasions OOH

People are spending more than ever on out-of-Home (OOH) items like takeaways and hot drinks, according to the latest data from Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. The latest analysis from Kantar’s new report ‘Winning food & drink occasions out-of-home’, reveals that takeaway spend now accounts for 12.3% of total OOH spend across the UK, France and Spain; with consumers spending from €15 to €17 on average per order. Hot drinks also continue to grab wallet share, with customers willing to pay a higher premium for speciality coffees, especially in the UK.

Launched today, major trends uncovered by the study reveal:

Digital is delivering for the takeaway sector

  • Delivery and take-away are rapidly growing their OOH share. Across the UK, France and Spain they now account for 12.3% of total outside the home spend.
  • This growth is being heavily influenced by the introduction of new technology for food deliveries, which is significantly increasing spend per meal.
  • As a result, the gap between price of home cooked and takeaway meals is widening. France is the starkest example, where price increases from €4.70 per meal when food is prepared at home to €17.70 when ordered for home delivery or take-away; UK €4.20 to €16.20 and Spain €4.00 to €15.30.

Speciality coffee culture is booming

  • Appetite for hot drinks on the go shows no sign of abating, with the UK (44%) and Spain (43%) leading the way in percentage of wallet share.
  • Coffee represents 80% of spend globally within the hot drinks category, with the UK accounting for 51% of that value.
  • People are moving to more expensive, newer coffee offers which have a higher price index; in the UK, 19% of consumed coffee is a speciality drink in 2019 compared to 7% in 2017, with flat whites accounting for 7% of consumption.

Maria Josep Martínez, Global Director Out-of-Home and Usage Foods, Worldpanel Division, Kantar, commented “Continued economic uncertainty appears to be having a minimal impact on consumer wallets, with customers willing to spend their money in takeaway and food delivery rather than cooking at home. While this is actually adding value for the entire OOH market, this clearly remains a threat to traditional retailers who must consider different strategies for capturing OOH growth in 2020 and beyond. For those willing to take on the challenge, the rewards will be significant.”


Data for ‘Winning food & drink occasions Out-of-Home’ report was gathered using Kantar’s unique mobile app which records every snack and non-alcoholic drink bought for consumption outside the home—whether that’s on the go, at the place of purchase, in the workplace, or otherwise. To create a comprehensive view of the OOH market, the study looked not only at what products are purchased – and where – but when the purchase was made and whether it was for sharing or for individual consumption. Information for the report covered ten markets globally: Brazil, China, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, the UK and Vietnam.

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