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Webinar: Who Cares, Who Does? Consumers & plastic waste



Webinar: Who Cares, Who Does? Consumers & plastic waste

Plastic waste is a top concern for 33% of global respondents, with 48% believing manufacturers should take the most responsibility to fix the problem, yet only 12% can think of a specific one that is leading in this area.  

Our upcoming publication Who Cares, Who Does? is based on the results of our global survey covering 24 countries across Europe, Latam and Asia. Not only did we look at what people cared about, but we went further and investigated what actions consumers are claiming to take and whether this is also true in their purchasing, through our direct link to their real shopping behaviour. 

Our expert Natalie Babbage, Global LinkQ Director, will share the main findings that will help you understand what your consumers expect from you around sustainability. 

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