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Purchasing Konfidence: Q4 '18


Purchasing Konfidence: Q4 '18

Did the purchasing Konfidence of Filipino Households improve in Q4 2018?

Purchasing Konfidence is a quarterly report that gives you an indication on the degree of optimism Filipino Urban households are expressing. This is done by looking at their attitude regarding current and future economic situation and their real behaviors in FMCG spending.

Specifically, this takes into account three components:

  • Purchasing Capability - How Filipino consumers perceive the prices changes, their financial situation for the time being as well as for the next 12 months?
  • Willingness to Buy - Are Filipino shoppers willing to spend money to make their life easier, to spend freely when buying grocery, to make a major purchase?
  • Real Purchase - What is their real purchase behavior?

In the last quarter of 2018, Kantar saw a better outlook among Filipino Urban households as Purchasing Konfidence continues to improve which is now at -1, coming from -3 in the previous quarter, and -10 in the same period last year.

However, Filipinos perception towards their purchasing capability remains to be negative at -3. This is caused by homes becoming financially worried about their situation due to the continuous increase in price driven by TRAIN law and inflation. This pessimistic purchase capacity then leads to their lack of willingness to spend towards FMCG.

Despite purchase reluctance, homes are still consuming more FMCG and even on non-necessity categories which are reflected by the growth in Real Purchase.

For more information, download the report on the right.

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