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FMCG Monitor: Q1 2023



FMCG Monitor: Q1 2023

Kantar's FMCG Monitor presents an overview on the Philippine economic situation and a deep dive on how the Philippine FMCG landscape is performing in the recent quarter. The report includes a snapshot of FMCG performance across key regions, SECs, channels and retailers in the Philippines. 

Key Highlights:

ECONOMIC SITUATION: The Philippine economy continues to grow but growth is slower than previous quarter amidst higher inflation and unemployment. Meanwhile, consumers remain pessimistic, but confidence improves versus last quarter. Filipinos cut down spend on Food and Beverages but are able to maintain their spend on out-of-home activities.

SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR: Shoppers continue to improve their FMCG spend coming out of the pandemic and maintain their purchases after the holidays. However, noticeable slowdown in spend coming from middle to lower income classes is noted, who are also more affected by inflation. Spend on Food and Beverage stabilizes, as shoppers prioritize staples, such as Cooking Oil.

CHANNEL LANDSCAPE: Neighborhood channels remain important amidst inflation, such as SSS, Groceries, and DS, where shoppers can conveniently access and can purchase smaller quantities with lower cash outlays to cope with rising prices. For hyper/supers, shoppers are maintaining their overall spend for FMCG.

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