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FMCG Monitor: Q2 2023



FMCG Monitor: Q2 2023

Kantar's FMCG Monitor presents an overview on the Philippine economic situation and a deep dive on how the Philippine FMCG landscape is performing in the recent quarter. The report includes a snapshot of FMCG performance across key regions, SECs, channels and retailers in the Philippines. 

Key Highlights:

ECONOMIC SITUATION: We continue to see better economic conditions in recent periods.  Improved unemployment rates mean better spending capacity for Filipinos. However, consumer confidence remains low. While inflation rates have been slowing down since the start of the year, Filipinos will continue to contend with increasing prices.

SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR: In the recent quarter, FMCG spending slows down as shoppers continue to cope with rising prices of goods. Shoppers compromise on their product choices, as we see volumes tapering and downtrading happening recently. Filipino shoppers prioritize staples such as Water and Family/Adult Milk but also have an allocation for non-essential items like Softdrinks. Shoppers deprioritize other staples like Bread, Cooking Oil, and Instant Noodles from their basket.

CHANNEL LANDSCAPE: Proximity channels such as SSS and Groceries remain relevant amongst shoppers as they continue to manage their budgets. As for Hyper/Supers, shoppers continue to maintain their FMCG spending.

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