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Digital is becoming mainstream

Digital can no longer be considered niche. Its explosion in popularity means that digital now works similarly to TV.

Brands still need TV

TV continues to drive scale, immediacy and impact. The greatest success will come from building a media schedule around TV which drives reach.

Promotions need early support

To maximise the benefits of promotions, advance support before it launches in media is crucial. So too is the alignment of promotion and campaign messaging.

                       Graph on promotions.jpg   

While promotions are effective in the short-term, they do not drive long-term loyalty. Therefore, to determine whether a campaign has been a true success, it's vitally important to understand the shoppers behind the 4.5%. 

Media synergies are king 

Identify good synergies between media and message in advance, and ensure they are consistent and complement each other. 

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Gwladys Hall
Head of UK Media

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